Maple Grove Grandmother Donates Time to Food Shelf

Donna Miskowiec says volunteering has always been a part of her life. Currently she is donating her time to a local food shelf.

Every Friday afternoon, Donna Miskowiec is busy boxing food for those in need.

As a volunteer at ’s Maple Grove office, she enjoys working in the food shelf. 

“We are always busy here,” she said. “Sometimes there is a line waiting for food.”

As each person comes in to the CEAP office, family service workers take their information. Basic information is passed on to Miskowiec who packs three to five days worth of food in a box for the client.

“This experience is really fulfilling to me,” she said. “I think this is more personal than putting money in an envelope and donating to a cause because I get to interact with people and see the difference I make.”

At 62 years old, Miskowiec is now retired after working for 28 years at Qwest. “I figure I have the time to give back and it’s something that has really become a positive in my life.”

Family Service Worker Linda Burg says CEAP couldn’t function without the help of volunteers.

“They are so vital to our organization,” she said. “Donna is one of those volunteers that goes above and beyond for us.”

When Miskowiec isn’t packing boxes, she’s often babysitting her nine grandchildren, but it’s still rare for her to miss a Friday afternoon.

“This is my commitment,” she said. “My daughters all know that I can’t babysit on Friday.”

As a dedicated volunteer, Miskowiec plans to continue donating her time even after CEAP moves this fall. After years of fundraising, the non-profit will be opening in a new location on Brooklyn Boulevard in October. At that time, the two CEAP locations in Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park will merge into one.

While the commute to the new CEAP building from Miskowiec’s Maple Grove home will be a little bit longer, she says she doesn’t mind.

“I’ll go wherever they need me,” Miskowiec said. “I’ll volunteer here as long as they’ll have me.”


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