Email Encryption for Outlook 2013

Email Authentication
Email Authentication

            With the development of the Internet and the rise of the information age, email has become vulnerable to malicious attacks than it was ever before. The password system is no longer sufficient to protect the privacy of email content. You need to have email encryption on your Outlook messages if you want to prevent unauthorized access to private information on your email. 

Outlook 2013 Email Encryption

            Email encryption means authentication of email message in order to protect the content from being read by unintended recipients. It can also be called data encryption. This is done by translating the contents of the email into certain codes which are incomprehensible to the human mind. One has to use a secret key to unlock the contents of the email message.

            Outlook is a software application created by Microsoft for the exchange of information called email messages between two or more people in a network. This entire software application includes small programs called Outlook Add-ins that add new functional capability to the software. One of them is email encryption.

            HIPAA is a law protecting the rights of healthcare patients to privacy of information. It stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This act regulates the transmission of a patient’s sensitive legal data through email. It supports the use of email encryption methods in the communication of information doctors and patients.

            Nowadays, it is not only in the healthcare industry that email encryption is used. Most employers closely monitor their employees’ computer system to make sure that they abide by the rules and regulations set by the company. Executives would also need to protect confidential information between clients. So they find the need of having email encryption for their email messages.

            Phishing is a widespread occurrence on the Internet. It is the act of stealing people’s private information through electronic methods. Many people had been victims of this malicious act. Businesses need to ensure protection of the privacy of their customer’s financial information. Thus, they need to utilize email encryption methods to help address these privacy issues.

            Email is very important in business marketing operations but it is also has a lot of issues concerning security. Because email messages need to travel through a long network of computers before it can reach is intended recipient, it becomes susceptible to malicious attacks. People with malicious intent are very cunning in figuring out a way to hack into a person’s computer system to steal private information especially financial data. It is very easy to steal such information because email content is generally not encrypted. In order to protect sensitive email content, email encryption is necessary.

            To help protect your emails from these security risk, Microsoft Outlook Add-ins are created. This add-ins allows you detect possible threats to your email and enables you to either allow or deny access to that threat. You can use this add-ins together with password authentication to protect your email content from potential dangers that may cause severe damage to your business or own personal reputation.

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