Off-Ice Discussion Around Maple Grove Hockey Still Heated

The incident was addressed at a recent Osseo School District School Board meeting. The Maple Grove Senior High boys varsity hockey players were also reportedly asked for feedback about coaches.

Discussions continue in the Osseo School District and at Maple Grove Senior High following an incident involving the boys hockey team in December. Reported game suspensions took place in mid-January.

Osseo School Board Chair Dean Henke addressed the situation during a school board report Feb. 5.

Over the past few weeks board members have received messages from residents regarding incidents in which some members of the the Maple Grove Senior High School hockey team violated the Minnesota State High School League code of conduct. It is important for members of the community to know that the board considers it unacceptable for students to engage in any behavior that violates the state high school league rules or school board policy. It’s also important to know that the unacceptable actions of a few do not overshadow the remarkable achievements of thousands of students across our entire district who on a daily basis excel in the classroom, volunteer in the community and demonstrate outstanding leadership both in and outside of school.

We are aware that there are many rumors about what may or may not have happened in that incident. We know it has been frustrating to parents, students, staff and the media that the school district can not confirm or deny even the most far reaching rumors because we are responsible for complying with data privacy laws. We take that responsibility very seriously and we will continue to strictly adhere to the law in this area.

We also want to ensure residents that staff fulfilled the district’s reporting responsibility by immediately reporting the allegation to the police. Our district has excellent working relationships with the police departments serving our communities and we value our ongoing strong partnership with law enforcement. The plan outlined by Maple Grove Senior High School staff calls for a number of actions that will help the hockey program move forward. Our expectation is that students and coaches will work together to ensure compliance with our high standards of conduct. 

As part of the plan outlined by Maple Grove Senior High staff, school administrators asked for feedback from the school’s boys varsity hockey player last week “on their confidence in the entire coaching team’s ability to continue leading the team for the rest of the season," a spokesperson for the Osseo School District told the Star Tribune on Friday. 

Information obtained from the players will not be released due to data privacy, the Star Tribune reported

Patch attempted to contact the local youth hockey association, Osseo Maple Grove Hockey Association (OMGHA), for comment and has not received a response.

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Joanne Simons February 12, 2013 at 07:10 PM
So we're to believe that "data privacy laws" and concern about the reputation of all those other remarkable Maple Grove students are the reason for this cover up? For an incident that happened off school grounds and presumably not during school hours? Both principal and athletic director should be fired for complete lack of principles and backbone. That's after the hockey team's season is declared over and coach is also dismissed. Anything less has just taught those young men that spoiled athletes can get away with almost anything. And they'll continue their horrific behavior. That's the lesson of this cover-up. Shame on the adults, the coaches, school officials, and district personnel who white-washed this.
Rick February 17, 2013 at 01:55 PM
Joanne, agreed. However, how are the real perpetrators punished? I find it pretty hard to punish a coach or anyone else for that matter because a few players act up. What about the parents???
David F February 17, 2013 at 06:06 PM
This is a PR nightmare for all parties involved. The school district needs to ask the county attorney to do an indepentant review of all this and make a public statement that nothing illegal happened if indeed that is the case. The school district has made ealry comments that nothing illegal happened yet the police only acknowledge there was no police report filed and that is the extent of their involvement. It is not the responsilbility of any school distruict to determine legaiities of student behavior.
MG Crimson March 03, 2013 at 06:33 PM
Let me tell you, I have yet to read or hear anything remotely close to what actually happened months ago. I can honestly say the actual facts will never live up to the hype or perceptions . I will not debate anyone's loyalty to their sources, but can confirm the "purported" rumors in this situation are absolutely - 100% false. More than half of parents within the program feel they know all the facts when in reality there are 13 players that truly don't even understand very basic facts on what happened, when, and why . Many of the blanks were inaccurately filled in by Administration - who decided to take a strong, public stance on the potential of a situation rather than the matter at hand.
Marge March 03, 2013 at 09:24 PM
Sorry, but everyone knows


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