A Look at the Voting for the Osseo School District 279 Levy Requests

A city-by-city look at how voters cast their ballot for the operating and technology levy requests in the 2012 election.

Spanning eight cities, the Osseo School District is considered the fifth largest district in the state.  All or parts of the cities of Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, Osseo, Plymouth, Brooklyn Center, Rogers, Dayton and Corcoran are considered part of District 279.

During the Nov. 6, 2012 general election, voters in the Osseo School District decided against two questions for levy requests – an operating and technology levy.

Here’s a city-by-city breakdown of how each question fared during the 2012 election in the 56 precincts with District 279, according to unofficial results on the Minnesota Secretary of State website. Note that voting results are not considered official until canvassed.

Question 1

Operating Levy

City Total # of Precincts in ISD 279 # Precincts Voting Yes # Precincts Voting No Brooklyn Center 4 0 4 Brooklyn Park 18 4 14 Corcoran 2 0 2 Dayton 1 0 1 Maple Grove 23 16 7 Osseo 1 0 1 Plymouth 6 4 2 Rogers 1 1 0

Question 2

Technology Levy

City Total # of Precincts in ISD 279 # Precincts Voting Yes # Precincts Voting No Brooklyn Center 4 0 4 Brooklyn Park 18 4 14 Corcoran 2 0 2 Dayton 1 0 1 Maple Grove 23 9 14 Osseo 1 0 1 Plymouth 6 4 2 Rogers 1 1 0

What are your thoughts on how the voting breakdown? Share it in comments!

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Walter Hadler November 09, 2012 at 04:15 PM
Public schools are given the charge of 'in loco parentis,' (in place of the parent). Charter schools may have students who the night before, went to bed lacking fear, awoke to two parents who provided them with a breakfast, and were prodded and disciplined to complete their homework. When Osseo schools can be sure their students have a similar experience, then Mark can feel free to draw comparisons. Until that time, Mark and those who think like him, those who feel confident in the ruse of courage enabled by social media, are demonstrating a reinforcement of their blatant ignorance.
Kristy C. November 09, 2012 at 04:54 PM
The levies in this district continue to fail due to the lack of the School Board and Administration over the past 10+ years. After Supt Richardson left I have watched this district waste millions of dollars with poor hiring of Superintendents and Administrators and failing programs. Creating self-thinking, hard working, creative students is no longer the goal within this district. The goal is "number seeking" for the gov't at the expense of the student. I have a senior this year and thank goodness for PSEO. She has an out compared to my other daughter(8th grade) with the disgraceful and demeaning SBG that has been 100% implemented this year, and the Administrators wonder why people turn them down for money when they go and implement ridiculous programs such as this...What a complete and utter waste of the taxpayers money! We are a family that does not have the financial ability to move to private education. We voted yes for both levies, despite my bitter feelings for certain people and decisions made within the Administration because overall my daughters are the ones that will suffer.
anon.parent November 09, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Walter, charter schools ARE public schools. I haven't seen any demographics that show that more of their students come from 2-parent, involved families, but if you can find the data, please share. The point Mark was making is that public schools exist in other districts that are successful without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money. If your intent was to declare that schools and districts differ too widely to compare, then yes, you have a valid point. As far as anonymous posts, I can't speak for anyone else, but my family has dealt with a vindictive teacher who forced my student to pay the price for a parent's opinions. As my minor child has no power for self-protection against this behavior, I remain nameless.
GH November 09, 2012 at 06:18 PM
I have one child in the District and she does not qualify for bus transportation. She is 6-years-old and we have been told she is expected to walk 1-mile to school, even though there is a bus that goes directly past our house to her school. I have been told by Mr. Henke that this is a budget issue. However there seems to be enough money to bus children from Brooklyn Center way over to Oak View in Maple Grove? This seems like a poor use of transportation funding to me. ISD 279 expects children to walk to school at much farther distances than any neighboring Districts. The District also won't take my money for bus service since Mr. Henke and the school board deems it unfair to those who can't afford it. My point is, if they can't figure out fair and adequate transportation for all our students, why would they be able to efficiently and effectively spend $9 million more of our tax money? I agree with Kristy. I wish ISD 279 was the best in the state, but giving them more money isn't the full answer. What we need is a better administration and a more fiscally responsible school board who can spend money for the betterment of all the students.
SW November 09, 2012 at 10:18 PM
For me, I don't have much trust in the district right now. The uproar over standards based grading is largely being ignored by the administration so it is amazing to me that they would ask for this much money with that debate still ongoing not to mention the bad economy. The threats of larger class sizes, reductions in programs etc. only alienate me further and make me seriously consider removing my children from the district for the first time ever. Madame Superintendent, be a better steward with our money and, more importantly, with our children's future, and then perhaps we will be willing to invest more of our hard earned money.


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