Residential Snow Removal Tips for Maple Grove

The city of Maple Grove provides the following tips for residents as they clear snow from their property and sidewalks.


Editor's note: The following information was published with permission from the city of Maple Grove from the 2011 winter newsletter found here.

Parking is prohibited on streets after a two-inch snowfall and may not resume until the street has been plowed curb to curb. Violators may be tagged or towed. In addition, Maple Grove has a year round ordinance prohibiting parking on streets from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Snow Removal on Private Property
Residents or private contractors hired to plow, shovel, or blow snow from driveways, parking lots, or other private property may not deposit snow onto or move snow across public streets or walkways. Violators of this ordinance slow plowing operations, make it difficult to open the street full width, and create dangerous conditions for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Residents are reminded to keep mailboxes clear of snow to ensure mail delivery. Snowplowing equipment cannot clear close enough to the box to allow for mail delivery without causing damage to the mailbox and/or post. Residents must expect the need to shovel or clear the area to adequately allow mail or newspaper delivery vehicle access to the mailbox or paperbox.

Recycling/Garbage Cans
Please place garbage and recycling containers behind the curb line on the day of your scheduled pickup. Containers placed in the roadway or at the end of the driveway may be damaged or knocked over and contents strewn by snowplows or the weight of the snow coming off the snowplow. Plow operators are not able to drive around or set up garbage or recycling containers that are knocked over.

To minimize the risk of sod damage, place a brightly painted or reflectorized 1” x 2” six foot high wooden stake or similar type device just behind the curb prior to the first snowfall. Once a windrow has been established, snowplowing is easier and the risk of sod damage is minimized.

Owners/occupants of property located adjacent to public sidewalks are responsible for snow and ice removal per city ordinance.

Right-of-Way Obstructions
Landscaping materials including shrubbery, rocks and boulders, and lawn sprinkler systems are prone to damage by snow removal and other types of equipment and vehicles. The city cannot accept responsibility for private property located on the right-of-way and ask that residents place these items a minimum of ten feet behind the curb line.

Questions? Call the city of Maple Grove Street Department at 763-494-6370.



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