Maple Grove to Purchase Land for Neighborhood Park Development

The Maple Grove City Council recently approved a land purchase agreement in the new Maple Brook subdivision.

An upcoming proposed new housing development recently brought several requests before the Maple Grove City Council.

The council approved a land purchase agreement at the Sept. 17 meeting. The land purchase is for creating a new neighborhood park in the Maple Brook development area.

The project area, formerly known as the Bather property, is located near Bass Lake Road and County Road 101 in Maple Grove.

The Maple Brook subdivision park area includes 3.04 acres of land dedicated by the applicant of the Maple Brook proposal and three acres [sold to the city] for park and trail purposes ­. Neighborhood parks in the city are usually about 5-10 acres in size, serving about 3,000 residents.  

The purchase price for the land and accompanying improvements is $371,500, according to a memo provided to the council.

The Maple Grove City Council also directed the city’s attorney to draft a resolution approving the final plat of Maple Brook “for the purpose of platting 56 single-family detached residential lots,” according to a memo provided­­­­­ to the council.

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