Maple Grove Church Sells Land for Future 610 Expansion

A local church is selling 11 acres of land to help build the last leg of Highway 610.

It has taken decades for Highway 610 to be built, and even after years of construction, one piece still remains unfinished. The 2.5-mile stretch from County Road 81 to Interstate 94 is the last leg of the highway. While it is not slated for construction for years yet, the City of Maple Grove is preparing for the completion of the highway.

The City of Maple Grove plans to purchase about 11 acres of land from Maple Grove Lutheran Church for the highway project. According to city documents, the city will cut the church a check for $520,000 for land that sits at 14401 99th Avenue.

The land, which doesn’t have any buildings on it, will provide dirt and material to build the last stretch of the highway. The road itself will not go through the lot; it will only provide material to build up areas needed to construct the highway from Fernbrook Lane west to Interstate 94.

The deal has been in the works for about a year. Maple Grove City Engineer Ken Ashfeld says the church had plans to put up a building on the lot but have since abandoned the idea, making it a prime time for the city to buy the land.

While the city plans to finalize the deal with the church in the coming weeks, construction for Highway 610 isn’t planned anytime soon. Ashfeld says MN Dot has indicated the project is “increasing in priority for the state,” but there isn’t a set timeline at this point. City documents say the project will “take place within the next six to eight years.”

The Maple Grove City Council approved the purchase agreement at their meeting this week. Ashfeld predicts the city will close on the property within the next month.

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