Rocks, Bikes and Sign Stolen: Maple Grove Police Blotter

There were also reports of a tire slashing and items taken out of vehicles.

The following is a synopsis of several incidents that occurred in Maple Grove during the week of Sept. 28 through Oct. 4, 2012, as provided by the Maple Grove Police Department. 

For additional details, check out the Maple Grove website crime mapping section for additional details in regards to the crimes of burglary, robbery, arson, theft, and vehicle Theft.


  • 18000 block of 66th Place. Burglary report of bicycles stolen from garage Sept. 28.
  • 16900 block of 66th Place. Theft report of bicycle stolen from garage.


  • 13900 block of Grove Drive. Medical call for an individual with trouble breathing, officers administered oxygen until transported to hospital by paramedics Sept. 28.


  • 9600 block of Grove Circle. Theft report of property stolen from hotel Sept. 28.
  • 11200 block of Fountains Drive. Theft report of merchandise stolen from store Sept. 28.
  • 9400 block of Trenton Lane. Theft report of lawn ornaments stolen Sept. 29.
  • 16700 block of 94th Avenue. Theft report of several bottles of liquor stolen from store Sept. 29
  • 9700 block of 105th Avenue. Theft report of political sign stolen Sept. 30.
  • 8000 block of Zachary Lane. Theft report of rocks stolen from gravel pits Oct. 1.

Damage to Property

  • 200 block of West Eagle Lake Drive. Damage to property report of slashed vehicle tire Sept. 30.
  • 18700 block of 63rd Place. Damage to property report of damaged mailbox Oct. 1.

Theft from Auto

  • 9100 block of Archer Lane. Theft report of license plates stolen off vehicle Sept. 30.
  • 9200 block of Sycamore Lane. Theft report of property stolen from vehicle Oct. 1.
  • 12600 block of 82nd Avenue. Theft report of property stolen from vehicle Oct. 1.
  • 9400 block of Dunkirk Lane. Theft report of individual shoplifting items from store, suspect fled in vehicle Oct. 2.
  • 11200 block of 93rd Avenue. Theft report of purse stolen from vehicle Oct. 2.


  • 9400 block of Dunkirk Lane. Report of credit card number used fraudulently Oct. 1.

There were 17 property damage and one personal injury traffic accidents reported during this time period.

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