Neighborhood Fears Serial Burglar in Maple Grove

In all incidents, the suspect(s) broke a rear sliding glass or patio door and stole jewelry and cash.

Maple Grove Police crime alert.
Maple Grove Police crime alert.
In the last two months, 8 homes in a Maple Grove neighborhood have been burglarized. 

The burglaries have happened in the area of Fieldstone Blvd. North, Shadyview Lane North and Lawndale Lane North. In all incidents, the suspect(s) broke a rear sliding glass or patio door and stole jewelry and cash, according to Maple Grove Police. (See attached crime alert for addresses of the burglaries).

"The burglar likes the Wayzata school district in Maple Grove almost as much as you do," said Amit Kachru, a homeowner who has been targeted. "I doubt that’s because of his love for education, but it’s likely because the Maple Grove Police Station is 15-20 minutes away. And that’s long enough for the burglar to get what he wants."

Maple Grove Police and homeowners in the neighborhood have been working together and have been collecting details on the incidents, fearing that this may be a serial burglar(s) who will keep on striking. 

According to neighborhood observations:
  • Guns and electronics are not commonly taken.
  • Most of the burglar's time is spent in the master bedroom.
  • Most of the houses that were targeted have private backyards not visible to neighbors.
  • The burglar targets homes when no one is there and doesn't want confrontation.
  • The burglar is probably of small build. In two houses, the cracks in the glass-door was small enough only for a smaller person to go through.

"The police don’t know what race he is," Kachru said, trying to keep a sense of humor. "Or if he delivers pizza. For that matter, they don’t know if he is a 17-year-old high school girl."

Maple Grove Police encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity, vehicles or people to call 9-1-1 or Detective Travis Pobuda at 763-494-6195.

Have you noticed anything suspicious in your neighborhood lately?


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