Building and Grass Fires: Maple Grove Fire Blotter

The fire department also responded to a trash fire at a Maple Grove play lot.

The following are incidents responded to by the Maple Grove Fire Department from Sept. 10-16.

Sept. 10

  • 15200 block of 73rd Place North. Authorized controlled burning.
  • Interstate 694 at US Highway 169 Excessive heat, scorch burns with no ignition.
  • 9300 block of Pilgrim Lane North. Dumpster or other outside trash receptacle. Dispatched to trashcan on fire at city of Maple Grove play lot.  Fire had been extinguished when fire officer arrived on scene. Unable to locate anyone that knew any details about the fire.
  • 12800 block of Arbor Lakes Parkway North. Natural vegetation fire.

Sept. 11

  • 13300 block of Maple Knoll Way. Building fire. Report of deck on fire on three-story apartment building.  Arrived on scene to see complex maintenance personnel pouring water in to planter on deck where cigarette butts had started a dried out plant on fire.  No structural damage to deck or building. 
  • 81st Avenue North and Jefferson Highway. Grass fire.
  • Interstate 494 and Bass Lake Road. Grass fire.
  • 81st Avenue North and Jefferson Highway. Grass fire.
  • Interstate 94 and Maple Grove Parkway. Grass fire.

Sept. 12

  • 7300 block of Jewel Lane North. Medical assist, assist EMS crew.
  • 15200 block of 73rd Place North. Authorized controlled burning.

Sept. 13

  • 93rd Avenue North and Zachary Lane North. Odor/smell of gas.

Sept. 14

  • 10900 block of 98th Avenue North. Gas leak, contractor was hand digging at construction site trying to locate gas line. Shovel severed gas line. Stood by until CenterPoint Energy arrived on scene and secured the gas line.
  • 10500 block of Holly Lane North. Unauthorized burning - no permit.
  • 10300 block of 96th Avenue North. Authorized controlled burning.

Sept. 15

  • 12100 block of  97th Avenue North. Authorized controlled burning

Sept. 16

  • 13400 block of 70th Place North. Structure fire. Fire started on exterior deck of side by side two family residence. Fire burned up exterior wall and into soffits of both units. Resident was awakened and thought an exterior light had been left on. Went to investigate and discovered that the exterior deck was burning. Evacuated home. Alerted neighbors. Extensive damage to both units of duplex. Maple Grove Fire Investigation Team investigating cause of fire.
  • 74th Avenue North and Peony Lane North. Grass fire, small grassfire caused by firecrackers.

There were also two false/malfunctioning alarms.


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