A resource for Super Commuters published by Maple Grove author

Super Commuter Couples: Staying Together When A Job Keeps You Apart (Equanimity Press) was written by licensed marriage and family therapist and Maple Grove resident Megan Bearce.  Through interviews with 24 people in a super commuter relationships, Bearce presents strong evidence that separation is not the death knell of a relationship or a family. 
As a therapist she provides insightful tips, strategies and guidelines from the initial decision to embark on the super commuter journey, to managing the emotional downsides of the lifestyle. As a wife, mother and working professional, Bearce adds the unique perspective of her own experiences as part of a successful super commuter couple. In addition, Bearce addresses the three primary economic factors behind the shift toward super commuting and provides thoughtful guidance for those couples and families navigating not only the practical aspects, but also the emotional dynamics experienced by families living within the super commuter paradigm. Bearce also provides six pragmatic and actionable guidelines for those couples navigating the often frustrating, and at times disheartening, issues involved when one half of a couple is absent for long periods of time.   Available in paperback and Ebook wherever books are sold.  More information at www.supercommutercouples.com


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