Behind the Scenes: 3 Squares in Maple Grove

Christine Lembcke loves helping people enjoy dining at her restaurant, which is known for its quality of customer service.

Editor's note: Last week, Jason Walker with Patch restaurant. This week, Jason chats with Manager Christine Lembcke about her experience in the restaurant business and the establishment.

Maple Grove Patch: How did you get into the restaurant business?

Christine Lembcke: I have been serving for over 10 years and it was just something that interested me. I wanted to work with guests and be able to impact their lunch and make a difference, have them enjoy it. And I’ve stuck with it because I enjoy serving people.

Maple Grove Patch: Did you start working here or at another Blue Plate restaurant?

Christine Lembcke: I started at Blue Plate Company when 3 Squares opened, which was May 5, 2008, so I’ve been with this location since the doors opened.

Maple Grove Patch: Why do people like 3 Squares?

Christine Lembcke: We are very passionate about hospitality. We want our staff, servers, bus people, anybody who engages with guests to go above and beyond. To make people know that not only can they get great food but hey, the service over there is very good. Number two, the food is phenomenal here. We put a lot of heart into it - pretty much everything here is made from scratch. So it’s not getting soup in the bag and pouring it into the pot. The chefs back there go in and have their recipes and make it from scratch.

Maple Grove Patch: Is there a signature item or two that people shouldn’t miss?

Christine Lembcke: There are a lot. I think as far as appetizers our sweet potato fries are phenomenal, they come with a chipotle aioli and have some crushed red peppers in there which is a little spicy but very good. We have a turkey burger that has earned great reviews. It has ground turkey, jalapenos and peanuts inside of the patty, that is awesome. It has pepperjack cheese, so a little kick from that as well. My personal favorite is the mango chicken salad.

Maple Grove Patch: You do a lot of drink pairings too, right?

Christine Lembcke: We do a lot of specialty drinks where we make syrups from scratch where we’re adding those in, also just a really good happy hour. We do a lot of events where there is a beer and entree together, or some wine dinners where you get a glass of wine with each entree or dessert, whatever course it is.

Maple Grove Patch: What does mean to Maple Grove?

Christine Lembcke: I think 3 Squares is a unique place. A lot of the restaurants around here are chains. This is locally owned, and I think that brings a lot to the table because it’s not a Baker’s Square, it’s not a Friday’s, it’s not a Champps. It’s something that is in Minnesota and we have a lot to offer.


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