Patch Guide: Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas

Gearing up for Feb. 14? It’s possible to enjoy romance in Maple Grove while still being frugal.

Valentine’s Day needn’t be about spending money to prove your affection. After all, it’s supposed to be a celebration of love, which is supposed to be priceless.

Here are some Patch suggestions for a Valentine’s date that won’t break the bank:

Cook a Romantic Dinner
Fancy restaurants are all well and good, but the meal will be even more meaningful to your valentine if you cook it yourself. Mint Life offers a handy list of seven romantic meals, all of which cost less than $10 (and more important, a bit of effort) to prepare. Head to one of the Maple Grove grocery stores, such as , or to find your supplies.

Go Ice Skating
There’s nothing more beautiful than a night under the stars, except maybe a night under the stars with your loved one. Bring your valentine to the , for a loving lap around the ice, arm in arm. Is your outdoor ice rink closed? Heard over to the ice arena at the .

Take a Romantic Walk
A simple stroll may not sound like the makings of a holiday to remember, but it could be if the stroll took place at one of Minnesota’s many beautiful parks. Head to the trails at for a lakeside stroll or to and walk along Elm Creek to the waterfall.

Want to take in a romantic scene outside of Maple Grove? Visit the waterfall in southeast Minneapolis’ Minnehaha Park (the place inspired Longfellow’s poem “The Song of Hiawatha,” so it ought to be worthy of a visit on this of all days) or the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. If you’re not one for walking in a winter wonderland, pop by the Cowles Conservatory next door, and escape to the tropics amidst the conservatory’s lush and exotic flora.

Make Your Own Box of Chocolates
There’s nothing worse than receiving a box of chocolates and realizing you either don’t like or are allergic to half the flavors. Fortunately, when you make your own, that’s not an issue. Allrecipes.com offers several simple recipes, which can be easily mastered by the most amateur chocolatier. If you decide you don't want to spend your time in the kitchen, call or stop by one of Maple Grove's sweet stores, such as or

Have a Romantic Movie Night
Sometimes true love isn’t about spectacle and panache—it’s about a cozy night in, snuggling on the couch and eating popcorn. The Huffington Post’s Tiffany Shlain weighs in on the 10 Most Romantic Films of All Time. Stop by the to check-out a movie for free on your library card.


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