New Community Site - Coming Soon

I wanted to reach out to my fellow Twin Cities  neighbors about a business I am in the process of launching.  I am creating a website called Purlew.com which I hope will help to foster and create new relationships between neighbors.  I believe in the the strength of a community and through that strength comes opportunities.  

Purlew will change the way you look for everything that is local.  It aims to bring back the neighborhoods of old when everyone you lived by new you by your first name, and throughout the city business owners and community officials know you.  The site will help you to find the local business that was just around the block that you never knew was there, or to help you find the great park with the sledding hill.  For our local business owners, my goal is to help you form those stronger connections between the community residents and you.  

I am asking for two things from everyone out there.  Help me build something that will make our community safer and more friendly.  I would like everyone to visit www.purlew.com and submit your email address.  I won't spam you, I won't sell it.  You will only get a notification once the site launches in February.  

Secondly, I want to know what is important to you in a community.  I am giving you my personal email address and if you would like an opportunity to inform me of how this site can help our community I would love to listen.  Even if you have questions, I would be glad to answer them.  You can email me at Ross.crandall@purlew.com

 I'll see you around neighbors.

Ross Crandall


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